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Clear Skies Clear Minds

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Climate change is already upon us, and it puts not only a huge burden on nature

but also on our mental health. 60% of young people aged 16 to 25 are very or

extremely worried about the expected consequences of the global climate crisis,

and 45% report that this feeling strongly affects their daily lives, according to a

recent international study published in the Lancet Planetary Health journal. It's no

coincidence: the game is on for the current generation growing up. They feel that

adults and decision-makers have let them down. According to researchers,

chronic stress caused by climate change significantly increases the risk of mental

and physical health problems among young people. They believe that

governments' inability to act on climate change is a major contributor to this issue.


  1. Highlighting Climate Change Impact: The text aims to emphasize that climate change is already having

    significant effects, not only on nature but also on mental health.

  2. Addressing Youth Concerns: The text seeks to bring attention to the fact that a significant portion (60%)

    of young people aged 16 to 25 are deeply concerned about the consequences of the global climate crisis.

  3. Linking Climate Concerns to Daily Lives: The text indicates that climate-related worries strongly impact

    the daily lives of young individuals, with 45% reporting that these concerns affect them significantly.

  4. Recognizing Generational Burden: The text points out that the current generation feels burdened by the

    responsibility of dealing with the consequences of climate change due to perceived inaction from adults

    and decision-makers.

  5. Identifying Mental Health Risks: The text highlights the potential risks of chronic stress caused by

    climate change, leading to increased mental and physical health issues among young people.

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