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Rural Youth Festival 2

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Rural Youth Festival is a eight day (21- 29/8/2023) youth exchange project hosted by the greek organization, Youth Active Minds.

It will bring together 36 young people (5 participants+ 1 leader from each partner) 22-30 years old who are ready to be part of a 4-day festival. Participants will be guided on a journey to develop their own open workshop, explore their creative potentials and use art, nature and sport as the main thematic pyllars for their engagement.


  • to motivate 36 young people, some of them with fewer opportunities to take initiatives through the

    open space activities method

  • to motivate and increase the participation of rural youngsters who will visit the workshops of the


  • to familiarize young people with the use of non-formal learning tools in groups based on creative

    practices and function as tools for social change;

  • to provide young people with the opportunity to experience the process of exploring and meeting

    the upcoming challenges

  • to give young people the opportunity to develop an individual set of skills, including communication,

    critical thinking and teamwork in an intercultural environment

  • to understand the democratic tools through the involvement of young people throughout the

    democratic process,

  • to increase participants' knowledge of the Erasmus + program and to support the development of

    new ideas for future plans and generally the revival and promotion of a place that disappears over

    the years through their participation activities young people

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